Pragmatic approach to Management Systems implementation!

Management Systems Services (QMS, EMS, ISMS, H&S)


  • Gap Analysis – prior to the launch of your management system, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of how close you are to conforming with the international standard in question. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing what is in place now that conforms, what is close to conforming and what is absolutely NOT conforming. This is often helpful to prioritize the remaining implementation tasks.
  • Project Planning – we will understand your goals and build a project framework that is achievable and executable. We can also build a dashboard report tracking progress – that you can either update or hire us to keep current as project milestones are achieved.
Precision Execution LLC
  • Core Process Support – Corrective Action, Management Review, Internal Audit are often viewed as the “heartbeat” of a management system. We provide guidance on how to ensure each of these are efficient and effective (and integrated with multiple management systems).
  • Documentation Development Support – Management systems built by consultants and operated by users who don’t understand the system are not effective systems. We help you streamline and build a documentation hierarchy that a) represents the minimal amount of documentation b) is efficient and effective and c) owned, operated and improved by the registered company.
  • Pre-assessment – May be delivered by the registrar or a consultancy. It’s is a formal “dry-run” of the audit including an opening and closing meeting. A preassessment done 45-120 days before the registration audit can either provide a sense of confidence to the team that you are ready for the audit or highlight additional areas that need to be addressed before the registration audit.
  • Registrar Support – There are nearly 100 certification bodies to choose from. Although they are all likely accredited, some operate slightly differently than other firms and specialize in certain standards and segments. We can support your registrar selection process in a multitude of ways ranging from.
    1) writing an RFP
    2) evaluating responses
    3) ensuring the registrar is accredited to audit what you require and
    4) help resolve any audit appeals or differences in interpretation.
  • Phone a friend – available in 30 minute increments to answer topics and avoid on site consultancy. Prepayment required for new customers.
  • Internal Auditor Mentoring – many internal auditors assigned to the this critical function are high potential (HIPOTS) individuals. Often they lack familiarity with the standard and confidence. We provide both. It can be done in a more formal manner of training with a LIVE AUDIT or a less formal environment where we audit with you and provide private, professional feedback to each auditor on their strengths and weaknesses resulting in a well-oiled internal audit function.
  • Transition support – if you are currently registered to a management system standard and the date to update your system to the new version of the standard. We bring the human resources and competence to help get you across the bridge in the most direct manner possible.